The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (known unofficially as just Afghanistan in other countries), is a landlocked nation and is located in the Middle East, South Asia, or Central Asia depending on who you ask. It's bordering neighbor countries include Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China.

The population is cultural mixed due to a long history of trade and migration. Due to its strategic location connecting various parts of Asia, the country has experienced multiple invasions, conquering powers, and colonial settlement.

The country has been engaged in a long standing civil war since the 1970s which has been fueled by intervention from the Soviets, United States, and Nato forces over the decades. This history of war, international sanctions, and other conflicts have caused instability in the government and economy from which it still struggles.

Afghanistan does harbor many natural resources such as gold, zinc, copper, silver, iron ore, precious stones, and potentially massive fossil fuel reserves. Due to the civil war, these resources have largely remained undeveloped and current plans are under way to take advantage of these resources.

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