Originally a Portuguese colony in the late 1800's, Macau is a country located to the west of Hong Kong, and is a special administrative region of The People's Republic of China. It was settled by the Portuguese in the 16th century, who took care of different affairs until the Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration and Basic Law of Macau came into effect. This meant that, while Macau maintained its own legal system, police force, and monetary system, the PRC would take over the foreign affairs and national defense sectors.

As a popular vacation destination, Macau's economy heavily depends on tourism with a specific focus on gambling. Manufacturing also adds to the economy.

Although Macau was an island before the 17th century, land reclamation changed it into a peninsula. With generally flat terrain and little arable land, Macau is both a populous and dense urban environment. The remaining steep hills are reminiscent of the original land formations.

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