Laos is a country located in Southeast Asia. The population consists of 6.5 million people. Laos is bordered by Vietnam to the East, Cambodia to the South, Thailand to the West, and China to the Northwest. The country capital of Laos is Vientiane. Other major cities in Laos include Pakse and Savannakhet. The majority of people speak the language of Lao. After Laos gained independence after a civil war, its government ended monarchy and turned the country into communism.

The weather in Laos can be pretty rainy during the months of May through November. The months of December to April consist of very dry weather. Unlike other countries, Laos consists of three seasons: rainy, cold, and hot. The climate is tropical and influenced by the monsoon pattern. Many people demand Laos' metal so the economy is significantly increasing. Laos also provides electricity to its neighboring countries Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

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