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What is a .af domain?

When searching online, Afghan internet users expect to see website addresses with .AF domain names. Whether you are an Afghan local, a small business owner, or just someone who appreciates Islamic culture, a .AF domain name is ideal for you. With an .AF domain name you will rank higher in local search results as well as in the hearts of the locals.

Show your connection to the Afghan culture and commitment to providing the best internet experience in Afghanistan with this domain. A .AF domain name is short, professional and memorable, helping your website stand out in a sea of online content. Since the end of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan has shown slow and steady growth and has great potential in the future. Although most notably as the country code domain for Afghanistan, the .AF domain is also used as the domain hack for a silly curse phrase which generally means, “Extremely”. This expression is very flexible, as you can use it to modify almost any description, good or bad.

Protecting your brand is as important as growing it. Registering your brand name in Afghanistan is one of the best preventative measures you can take to secure your trademark and combat copyright infringement. Your domain name is your brand and your brand is you! Register your perfect .AF domain name before someone else does.