The Ukrainian language is the official language of Ukraine. It is also the primary language of the Republic of Crimea and Transnistria. Ukrainian is also a minor language of many of Eastern and Central Europe such as Poland, Romania, and Serbia.

The Ukrainian language falls under the language family designation of an East Slavic language. This means that it is believed to have originated as a common tongue of the people in the East Slavic countries. Two theories of origin about Ukrainian is that the language is a form of Russian that evolved under the influence of the Polish and Turkish languages. Another theory is that rather than developing from a single East Slavic language, Ukrainian was one of three similar but distinct languages spoken in the Eastern Slavic region in the 19th and 20th centuries. Under the Soviet Union rule Ukrainian, while an official language, was actually dissuaded from use in favor of Russian.

Despite the tumultuous path of the language a 2007 census reports that there are roughly 30 million native speakers of the Ukrainian language. Ukrainian is represented in writing as a variation of the Cyrillic Script made up of 33 letters.

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