The Czech language is a subdivision of the Slavic language group and is West Slavic language. It is spoken by over 10 million native speakers with millions more who are fluent. It is closely related to the Slovak language and bears more resemblance to it than its West Slavic counterparts, Polish and Russian. The Czech language's origins are traced back as far as the sixth century when a tribe of Slavs were led by a hero of legend named Cech.

Much like other Slavic Languages, The Czech language has an old, middle, and modern period of its evolution. The Old Czech language was largely influenced by the Orthodox Church system in the 7th century. Up until that point there was no written Czech language and the missionaries from Orthodox Christianity brought with them Latin which became the written form of Old Czech.

The Czech language eventually evolved into its modern form and is now actually one of the most regular written languages in all of Europe. It contains thirty-one letters, or graphemes, representing thirty sounds, and is one of the few orthographies that distinguishes vowel length.

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