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Danish is a Germanic language with almost 6 million native speakers, most of which are within Denmark and its neighboring countries. Danish is descended from the old Norse language, which was the primary language in Scandinavia during the time of the Vikings. Although descended from a language that used a runic alphabet, Danish is nowadays written using Latin characters.

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The Danish language is an Indo-European language that is part of the North Germanic branch family. The language has about 5.6 million native speakers spread across the world, mainly concentrated in areas in northern Europe. Danish is descended from Old Norse, which was the language of the Germanic peoples in Scandinavia during the so called Viking Era, 793 AD following the Iron Age. Along with Swedish it is derived from the East Norse dialect group. There are a variety of dialects of Danish of which the main ones are: Insular Danish, Jutlandic, and Bornholmsk.

Danish speakers are prominent in countries around Denmark, such as Germany and the Faroe Islands. Native Danish speakers can also be found in Iceland and Greenland, which for the Greenlandic people is used as a secondary language as it was introduced in the education system.

Today Danish is written in the Latin script, however there have been preserved examples of written Danish which are in the Runic alphabet; which is known to be the alphabet used to write various Germanic languages before the use of the Latin alphabet.