Lithuanian is part of the Baltic language family and is the official language of Lithuania as well as an official language of the European Union. There is also significant population in both Poland and the United States that speak the language as well as some pockets of speakers in Belarus, Latvia, Russia and as far reaching as Australia, Argentina and Canada. Overall, there are 2.95 million Lithuanian speakers in Lithuania and a total of approximately 3.2 million throughout the world.

The Baltic languages come from the Indo-European language tree, and Lithuanian is considered to be the most conservative Indo-European language still in use. That means that it has retained the most Proto-Indo-European features compared to other languages.

The Lithuanian language is written using the Latin alphabet, but has nine additional letters that are base Latin letters with diacritics. The alphabet does not include the letters Q, W or X and the letter Y comes after the letter I. The Lithuanian alphabet also has several digraphs - dz, dz with a diacritic and ch. They are treated as two letters in the alphabet.

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