Romanian is part of the Romance language family that is primarily spoken in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. In Serbia, the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina speaks Romanian as does Mount Athos in Greece. Additionally, the unrecognized state of Transnistria speaks Romanian. There are some Romanian speakers scattered throughout Europe as well as wide spread into North America (the United States and Canada) as well as South America (Argentina).

Romanian is also known as Daco-Romanian or Moldovan. It is spoken by approximately 28 million people, with 24 million of those speaking it as their primary language. It falls under the Eastern Romance sub-family of the Romance languages.

The Romanian writing system uses the Latin Romanian alphabet, with Romanian Braille used for blind people. In Moldova, there was the influence of Soviet dominance, and a structure similar to the Cyrillic alphabet was used until the 1990s. The Cyrillic version is still used in Transnistria. The main Romanian alphabet uses 5 additional letters than the Latin script. They are versions of the letters a, i, s, and t with symbols attached to the letters. The letters k, q, w and y are rarely used because they were not added to the Romanian language until 1982.

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