The Polish language is a slavic language in the Indo-European language family that has been spoken since at least the 16th century. Polish is the official language of Poland and has many different forms. These forms constitute regional dialects including greater Polish, which is spoken in the west, lesser Polish, which spoken in the south and southeast, and even Masovian and Silesian which are spoken through much of central Poland.

Polish is the official language of Poland but is also used in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania as a minor language. There are approximately 40 million native speakers of Polish and literally 97% of Poland's citizens declare Polish as their mother tongue making it the most homogeneous European country.

The writing system used for the Polish language is the Polish alphabet and it is one of three Slavic languages derived from Latin orthography. Polish written language is largely phonemic which means there is constant correspondence between letters and phonemes. The Polish alphabet also contains its own version of an accent called the kreska and even contains loanwords from Latin, Italian, French, and Russian languages.

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