The Hungarian language is the official language of Hungary. However, it is also spoken in Hungarian communities in neighboring countries, including Austria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Serbia. It is a member of the Uralic family, a family of approximately 38 languages, including Finnish and Estonian. The Uralic name is believed to derive from the homeland of the original family, lying somewhere in the vicinity of the Ural Mountains. It is considered an agglutinative language, where there are typically various affixes added to a base of the word without changing the sound of the base.

The Hungarian language has roughly 13 million native speakers. The highest population can be found in Hungary, totaling nearly ten million speakers. Romania has more than one million speakers, and there are some other countries having hundreds of thousands of Hungarian speakers. Modern Hungarian is written using an extended version of the Latin alphabet, and the pronunciation of the language can typically be predicted from the written language. The greater Hungarian alphabet has 44 letters. The vowels of the language included accented letters and those with umlauts. The writing is in the traditional left-to-right style, after it had replaced right-to-left writing starting around the year 1000.

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