The Turkish word Merhaba means in English Hello! The Turkish language is not very difficult to learn as it is a very practical language. This language consists of eight vowels and twenty one consonants. The Turkish alphabet has twenty-nine letters. Turkish words can be simplified into one word that ultimately can take a whole sentence of English words to convey the same meaning!

There are approximately forty thousand speakers of Turkish living in the United States. Apparently, there are seventy five million people who speak Turkish as their first language! It is stated that about fifteen million people speak Turkish as their second language.

This language has several dialects and can be divided into two groups: Eastern and Western dialect. There is only one member of the Western group called Danubian Turkish dialect. However, there are eight different dialects in the Eastern group. It is the official language spoken in Cyprus.

The standard modern Turkish dialect is based upon Istanbul dialect of Antolian.

It is noted that there is an increase in opportunities for students interested in the business and or government service areas for those who learn the Turkish language and study about Turkey.

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