Meankieli is a dialect of the Finnish language, which is a language in the Uralic language family. The Meankieli dialect is spoken in the northernmost area of Sweden near the valley of the Torne River. Meankieli literally translates to "our language" and it is one of five recognized minority languages in Sweden. It is also known as Tornedalsfinska which translates to "Torne Valley Finnish".

Meankieli is spoken by 30,000 to 70,000 people today, primarily in Norrbotten Province, Sweden and that number is declining. Most people who speak Meankieli also speak another language. Meankieli also relies on words from other languages, Swedish in particular. These are known as loanwords and are primarily used in Meankieli for words used in daily life.

Since Meankieli is a dialect of the Finnish language, the writing style is similar. The language is written using the Finnish alphabet and Latin script style. Punctuation in the Meankieli language follows the same rules as the Finnish and Swedish languages in which a colon is used to separate the stem of a word and the ending, where other languages use an apostrophe.

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