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Esperanto is a language that was deliberately created as an attempt to create a universal language that would be easy to learn and politically neutral. Uptake has not been as great as the designers of it had hopes, but several hundred thousand people worldwide speak it fluently. Esperanto uses Latin script, with many similarities to English but with a few characters added and removed.

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Esperanto is a constructed language, meaning it was consciously developed for communication, as a type of artificial language. Esperanto is the most popular constructed language, with an original goal to be a politically neutral and easy to learn language. While it is not related to any natural language, Esperanto is based on Indo-European languages, while having a Slavic sound inventory and a Romantic vocabulary. Around 160,000 to 300,000 users speak Esperanto fluently, but estimates have topped off at 8 million speakers worldwide, although only about 1,000 users have spoken Esperanto natively since birth.

No country uses Esperanto as an official language; however, it is part of the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages. It is used in over 112 countries, with the most usage in parts of Europe, South America, and Eastern Asia.

Esperanto uses Latin script, with a one letter to one sound principle. It is similar to the English alphabet, but omits several letters and instead, adds six letters with diacritics. The core vocabulary features 900 roots, which can be expanded upon using suffixes, prefixes, etc.