The Portuguese language is a descendent of the Latin language. It is considered a Romance language, because it descends from Latin. It is estimated that over 220 million people speak Portuguese. This fact makes Portuguese the sixth most spoken language in the entire world.

Portuguese is the official language of ten countries. It is the only official language in Brazil, which is the most populated country in Latin America. Portuguese was first written in the early ninth century, following the collapse of the Roman Empire. The writing style consists of Latin script, which is essentially based upon the Latin alphabet from which the Portuguese language originated. This alphabet is used by over 60 percent of the world's population. The Portuguese language is a close-cousin of the Galician language, which is spoken predominantly in the northwestern region of Spain.

The mobility of modern society has extended the influence of the Portuguese language, with populations all over the world regularly speaking this language. Due to its accelerated expansion, Portuguese is considered, by many, to be the language of the future.

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