Domain Security

101domain is very concerned about domain name security.

As the leading international domain name registrar providing domain registration and brand protection services to tens of thousands of businesses and individuals around the world, security is a top priority. You protect your name and brand by registering with us, it's our job to protect you.

With news everyday about domain name hi-jacking, cyber-squatting, DNS compromises and more, cyber-criminals are more active now than ever. In today's high-tech internet environment, you can no longer only rely on secure passwords and domain name locks to protect your valuable domain name portfolio—this simply isn't enough.

That's why we've developed a full suite of security products to protect your most valuable internet asset—your domain names.

Tailor our services to meet your specific needs:

101domain VIP Security Card by VeriSign®

Account Level Security

A credit card size security device that offers second-level security authentication to access your account.

29.00 USD

Portfolio Secure™

Registrar/Registry Level Security

Freezes your account from all unauthorized critical changes.

99.00 USD / 1 Year

IP Account Lock

Account Level Security

Specify up to 3 static IP addresses that may access your account.


IP Access Logger

Account Level Security

Keep track of your account login activity for added security.


Domain Locking

Registrar/Registry Level Security

Prevents your domain name from being updated or transferred without you first unlocking your domain from within your account.


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