Infringers are getting more sophisticated.

Are you positioned to keep up with the evolving landscape of brand protection? It not only takes sophisticated technology but expertise and resources to run a successful brand protection program. Your custom 101domain monitoring strategy will give you the advantage you need to stay one step ahead of online threats that aim to damage your brand reputation.

Monitoring solutions that cover every corner of the Internet.

Web Page Change Watch

When you identify a potentially problematic domain name, you can set up Web Page Change Watch to track how it is used.

Monitor a new domain registration for potential infringement. Create a record of website content changes for domain disputes. Track for compliance upon sending a cease and desist.

We'll tell you when changes are made to a site and its content, including DNS settings, domain expiration dates, whois ownership, and more. Every update is archived in your Brand Monitoring Dashboard to help you determine whether you need to take action.

Web Content Watch

It is impossible to manually track all instances where your brand is used on the Internet. The solution— let Web Content Watch do the work for you.

Our sophisticated technology searches for your brand name in the body and metatags on over one billion websites. Websites can be categorized and prioritized so you can focus on actionable hits and not get overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

Receive results in a weekly report and in your Brand Monitoring Dashboard.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media has become the place people go to discover new brands and even make purchases. Our Social Media Monitoring service allows you to get proactive about combatting brand misuse.

We monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Weibo for questionable uses of your brand in social media handles, profiles and user pages. Use the information provided, such as usernames, images, followers, and more, to determine actionable infringement.

Get weekly monitoring reports sent to your email and a complete history of records in your Brand Monitoring Dashboard. Need more coverage? Ask us about adding custom sites.

Marketplace Watch

Is someone selling your products? Are they legitimate products or counterfeit? Is the seller an authorized reseller?

Marketplace Watch helps you answer these questions and more with data from eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Taoboa, Trademe, Google Shopping, Cdiscount, Allegro, GMarket, and TMall. You can add custom websites for an additional fee.

Marketplace Watch will send you weekly reports with instances of your intellectual property, which you can investigate further in your Brand Monitoring Dashboard.

App Monitoring

New apps are developed and launched every day—many of them free to use. With over 3 million mobile apps available for download, the possibility of trademark infringement is a growing threat.

Receive a weekly report if your brand is used in the title or description of newly launched mobile apps across iTunes (Apple), Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

Your first report is a comprehensive audit of all existing apps for trademark violations, followed by weekly reports sent to your email. All records are stored in your Brand Monitoring Dashboard to assist your takedown efforts.

Image Recognition Filter

Scan the Internet for unauthorized use of your logo or image. Find out where your intellectual property appears on the web and who is using it so you can determine if it violates your brand.

You can review records with a copy of the image and a link to the website at any time in your Brand Monitoring Dashboard to use in your takedown efforts.

Image Recognition Filter allows you to act quickly against copyright infringement and better protect your brand in the future.

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