Generic domains present opportunities and threats, both new and old.

There are nearly 150 million .com and .net domain names registered around the world today, with thousands being created every day. Add in tens of millions of other legacy domain names such as .org, .info, and .biz, plus the hundreds of new generic top-level domains (ngTLDs) introduced to the domain name system in 2013, and you can see why it is so challenging for businesses to protect their brand and trademarks in the domain name space.

At 101domain, we've been intimately involved with domain names for nearly 25 years. Our clients rely on our experience and expertise to craft a domain registration strategy that provides the perfect amount of coverage and protection for their business objectives and budget.

Why should your organization include generic domains in your registration strategy?

Not all domain names are created equal.
.com domains are the primary choice for cybercriminals and businesses, but others are becoming more popular daily. Our knowledge of trends and insights into other TLDs adds tremendous value to your efforts.

Having an educated strategy is key.
Typos and lookalike domains are important to address to protect your customers from counterfeiting and your brand from trademark infringement. The task of doing so can get overwhelming quickly without an educated strategy.

A strong defense is your best protection.
Your brand protection efforts should work for you 24/7/365. A defensive registration strategy paired with domain name monitoring and domain blocking is the best protection brand owners can achieve in the digital arena.

How to start building your domain portfolio?

Request an Availability Report.
Get a list of all available and unavailable generic domains matching your brand or trademarks. Availability reports include ownership details to help you take the first important steps in registering or acquiring appropriate domain names.

Consult with your account executive.
The daunting task of choosing from the thousands of domain extensions is made easier when you have 101domain specialists to lean on for expert guidance. Our team will work with you to ensure you are making the right decisions.

Execute an effective strategy.
Generic domains present countless opportunities for cybersquatters and cybercriminals to profit from your good name. We'll help you craft a custom domain registration strategy that closes the gap. Trust us, tens of thousands of clients have.

The top 5 generic domains every business should own.

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