Understand how the domains you own represent your brand.

What's included in the report

Active Domains.
Take an in-depth look at all active domains in your 101domain account, highlighting each domain's configuration, usage, and recommendations to optimize your portfolio's effectiveness.

Domains with Other Providers.
Get a comprehensive list of all domains that are not managed by 101domain, along with their statuses, registrant and administrative contacts, and the company name.

Inactive Domains.
See which domains in your 101domain account are not in active status, along with the reason why and steps needed to approve the registration and put those domain names to work.

Move your brand forward with personalized recommendations.

The Portfolio Audit compiles details behind every domain you own to determine the effectiveness of your current portfolio, the adjustments that could be made to improve your portfolio, and any issue that could affect your brand or portfolio that would ordinarily be difficult to detect.

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