Increase the effectiveness of your brand protection strategy with a comprehensive Executive Report from our experts.

What's included in the report

Domain Portfolio Examination.
Receive an in depth analysis of your company's current domain strategy, including specific recommendations based on best practices to help you shore up and maximize the effectiveness of your brand protection efforts.

Brand Monitoring Alerts.
As part of our managed services, we'll alert you and keep track of problematic domain names across the Internet that may threaten your business and reputation. Our Brand Monitoring team compiles the results and provides in-depth analysis and recommendations as a key deliverable to your management team.

Enforcement Actions.
Receive clear recommendations on opportunities to protect and enforce your trademark rights as we analyze your domain name coverage and provide lists of domains that may be valuable to go after using our Brand Enforcement Services.

Brand Strategy Recommendations.
We review your company's domain management practices to identify vulnerabilities that pose a risk and opportunities for improvement that will help you avoid malicious activities such as cybersquatting and phishing.

Reporting you need to understand how your domains are being managed and how your brand is being used online.

The Executive Report uncovers issues you may have overlooked and guides future actions related to your company's domain portfolio, such as potential acquisitions, orphan domains located at other registrars or registered to individuals on your staff, and changes to your brand protection strategy or investment in new domain-related technologies.

Screenshot of a report

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