Cease & desist letters and DMCA takedown notices are effective in removing online infringement quickly without a formal dispute or litigation.

When should I use an Abuse Takedown?
Our abuse takedown services can put an end to a variety of online abuse activities plaguing your business, including pharming, spam, phishing, malware, botnets, and fraud.

When should I use a DMCA Takedown?
Reserved for cases of copyright infringement, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Notices mandate the appropriate authorities to remove the infringing content.

When should I use a Cease & Desist?
Cease & Desist letters are the quickest and most cost-effective way to enforce your trademark rights. They are a great starting place to negotiate an easy domain transfer.

Cease & Desist Letters are best for

  • Putting a registrant on notice of your intellectual property rights that may result in the domain owner willingly transferring a domain.
  • Curing abuses related to trademark infringement, phishing or spam abuse, cybersquatting, and any other unauthorized use of your brand.
  • When you want an unavailable domain, this can be a great first step to support a successful UDRP complaint.

DMCA Takedown Notices are best for

  • Contacting service providers, ISPs, and hosting companies directly to remove any infringing copyrighted content from a website.
  • Curing abuses related to copyright infringement, phishing or spam abuse and cybersquatting.
  • When a registrant's contact information is unavailable and the abuse is tied to the infringing content, and not the domain name itself.

Safeguard your brand with effective and efficient enforcement.

  • 1
    We research the infringing domain name or website and recommend a best course of action.
  • 2
    Our experts draft your letter or notice, while ensuring compliance with all requirements.
  • 3
    We help you implement monitoring services to alleviate stress on your team and budget.

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