Empower your decision-making with domain availability insights.

Fill the gaps in your domain portfolio.
Get a comprehensive look at your total domain coverage across ccTLDs, gTLDs, and ngTLDs.

Gain a clear view of your brand's digital image across the Internet.
With the seemingly endless possibilities to expand and protect your brand, the Availability Report presents the best opportunities and potential threats you should be aware of as a brand owner.

Identify potentially infringing domains.
Investigate unavailable domain names containing your brand term for abuse. Enlist our Brand Enforcement Services if action is required.

Screenshot of a sample report

Reporting you need to optimize your domain registration strategy.

Your custom-made Domain Availability Report provides visibility to ensure your domain portfolio continues to support your business goals. Make quick moves to maximize the effectiveness of your domain portfolio.

Domain categories commonly included in the report:

  • Top Country Code Domains
  • Highly Recommended Industry Domains
  • Top 50 Generic Domains
  • Defensive Domains
  • Top Phishing Domains
  • Difficult to Recover Domains

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