How do you prevent online abuse before it harms your business?

You can't own all of the domains out there, but you can implement domain monitoring to continuously scan the Internet for potential threats so you can take action right away to shut down abusers or closely watch for potentially harmful activities.

How it works

Illustration of a correctly written domain name and several wrong alternatives Sophisticated algorithms and technology, monitor your trademarks to identify copycats, counterfeits, and misspelled domain names infringing on your brand.
Illustration of an email inbox with an open reassuring message You receive weekly alerts of problematic domain names and access to an in-depth reporting platform where you can investigate results, leave notes for your team, and take action. Or you can engage us to do the work for you.
Illustration of a computer screen and a magnifying glass We can help you keep an eye on potentially abusive domain names with Domain Change Watch and enforce your trademark rights with our Brand Enforcement Services.

Global Domain Name Watch with Homographs.

Understand your brand's exposure online and where you can enhance your protection and ROI.

  • Expand your existing brand protection efforts against cybersquatting, counterfeiting, and phishing.
  • Get 24/7 monitoring across 900 TLDs including gTLDs, New gTLDs, and ccTLDs worldwide.
  • Receive weekly alerts of identical, similar, or similarly confusing domain names newly registered worldwide, including homographs. Homographs Homographs replace visually similar characters in one language character set with letters from a different character set. This results in two domain names that look nearly identical to the observer and leave your brand open to phishing scams.
Example of a domain name with homograph characters

Domain monitoring made easy.

Don't have the bandwidth to manage your domain name monitoring alerts? Get a dedicated Brand Monitoring team who will vigilantly manage all of the alerts that come in every week with our Corporate Managed Services. Our trained eyes will categorize and prioritize domains for your executive team to review and provide clear recommendations so you can respond quickly to potential threats.

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