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Samoa lays claim to the western area of Samoan Islands in the Pacific. The major islands are Upolu and Savai'i. The capital city, Apia, is located on Upolu island. Two civil wars occurred in Samoa, when Germany, Britain, and US battled for control of islands. Samoa is south of the equator so it is fairly warm. The islands were formed by volcanic activity. Economy focuses on manufacturing and agriculture industries.

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Samoa is a country that has jurisdiction over the western area of the Samoan Islands, in the Pacific Ocean. The two major islands of Samoa are Upolu and Savai'i. Upolu houses the capital city, Apia, as well as the Faleolo International Airport. The country has a total area of about 1,097 square miles, and a population of 194,320 people, with census being last taken in 2012.

The country has weathered two civil wars, the second of which was between Germany, Great Britain and the United States butting heads to determine who would have control of the island country. Western Samoa was also called German Samoa, until it was seized by New Zealand in 1914, and given independence in 1962.

Samoa is located south of the equator, so temperatures are fairly warm throughout the year. The islands were formed by volcanic activity, although only the westernmost island is still active. The GDP of the country, last measured in 2006, is estimated to be 1.218 billion US Dollars. The economy is mostly driven by industry and manufacturing, followed by services, and agriculture only accounts for a small portion of the economy.