The South Pacific Ocean (Oceania) is home to the unincorporated United States territory of American Samoa. The nation is comprised of a series of islands with the largest and most populated being Tutuila, and including Rose Atoll (the most southern point of any US territory), Swains Island, and the Manu'a Islands. It's located to the southeast of the sovereign state of Samoa and has a total population of around 57,000 according the a census taken in 2000.

American Samoa is included as part of the Samoan Islands chain which is located to the north of Tonga and west of the Cook Islands. The nation is slightly larger than Washington D.C. totaling at 77.305 square miles (200.22 kilometers squared) of land area.

Due to it's geographic location in the South Pacific Ocean, American Samoa often is hit by typhoons and large storms. The island terrain is volcanic and contains two coral atolls.

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