The Kingdom of Tonga, located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, is an archipelago country consisting of 169 islands. This country covers an area of about 748 square kilometers. These islands lie south of Samoa, and consists of five sub-divisions: Eua, Ha'apai, Niuas, Tongatapu, and Vava'u. Tonga's economy is heavily dependent on remittances from the population of the country that lives abroad. In 2008, Tonga was named the 6th most corrupt country in the world by Forbes magazine. They have a nominal GDP per capita of $4,220.

Tonga's government is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a Legislative Assembly, Monarch and Prime Minister. They gained their independence in June of 1970 from Britain. Tonga has 103,306 people who call it home, referred to as Tongans. Their population density is the 76th largest in the world, at 139 people per square mile as of 2011. They have two official languages, both Tongan and English.

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