The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are a possession of Australia, positioned to the west of the mainland in the Indian Ocean. Consisting of a pair of atolls and nearly 30 separate islands, the islands are nevertheless sparsely populated. The total population of 600 is situated on just two of the myriad islands.

North Keeling Island might make one think Keeling should be spelled with a C, as the landmass is said to resemble the shape of that letter. North Keeling is of particular interest to conservationists and wildlife experts, as it is the only environment of an endangered species. A species of rails makes its home there, in Pulu Keeling National Park.

One would think those living in a tropical paradise would not need a weekend getaway, but think again. It is observed that the native populations living on West Island and Home Island venture to weekend dwellings. These pondocks, or shacks, dot the landscape of most of the larger islands in the chain.

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