Norfolk Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, in between New Zealand and Australia. Although it is considered to be part of the Commonwealth of Australia, the island is allowed self-governance. The capital of the island is Kingston, and the largest city is Burnt Pine. The island has a total area of about 13.3 square miles, between the main island of Norfolk Island, and the smaller island, Philip Island. Norfolk Island has a population of around 2,302 people.

The country was first settled on by Polynesians, although Britain settled upon it in 1788. It was originally an island used to house convicts, but this was considered too expensive and the plan was scrapped, and Norfolk Island was abandoned until 1856, when permanent residents began settling on the islands.

The primary industry of Norfolk Island is tourism, which has been increasing each year. The island's major natural resource is fish, and the country does not have any permanent farmland.

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