Tokelau is located in the Pacific Ocean and is considered a non-self-governing territory, belonging to the nation of New Zealand. It is located midway between Hawaii and New Zealand. It is a part of a chain of islands that also includes American Samoa, though the two are possessed and operated by different nations.

Tokelauans are reluctant to push for things politically, such as their claim to Swains Island. Tokelau was originally part of the United Kingdom as a British protectorate; however, it was transferred to New Zealand in 1926. Still, the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who is also the head of state in the United Kingdom and other formerly British territories. She is also the head of state in New Zealand itself. Although the island has attempted to become a self-governing state, it has failed to gain enough votes from its citizens to make this happen.

Tokelau is so small that it has the smallest economy in the world, being entirely dependent on New Zealand. However, Tokelau is also the only nation in the world to be entirely energy independent, which it achieved in 2012.

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