Papua New Guinea is a country situated just north of Eastern Australia's northernmost point. Close to Indonesia and Australia, the country officially known as the Independent State of Papua New Guinea remains largely unexplored, for good reason. The terrain is challenging and very little transportation infrastructure exists. Dense rain forests, mountains, and wetlands ensures that flying is the transportation of choice.

Nearly 7 million people live in Papua New Guinea. The majority of people live in rural areas. Only 18%, approximately 250,000 people, live in urban areas of the country. There are over 850 indigenous languages spoken by the over 850 traditional societies. This makes Papua New Guinea one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

Papua New Guinea does have a constitution that is acknowledged by the vast societies and clans that populate the country. The constitution states the desire to keep traditional villages and communities viable units of society. Although still a commonwealth realm of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Papua New Guinea did win its independence from Australia in 1975. Many of the people of Papua New Guinea live in extreme poverty. One third of the population makes less than $1.25 a day. The economy is mainly agricultural.

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