Nauru was formerly known as the Pleasant Island but has changed names. It is a small island in Micronesia. The closest country to it is in the Kiribati called Banaba Island one hundred eighty six miles to the east. Over time this island has been a major exporter of phosphate which was in abundance on this island until the eighties when the resource ran out. During the time of mass exportation the country had the highest per capita income in the world.

There are only 9,378 residents on the tiny 8.1 sq mile island, making it the second smallest state in the world behind only Vatican City. During World War II Japan claimed control of the island. The current president is Baron Waqa who is head of a small nineteen member parliament. They are currently a member of the United Nations. There was only one airline which flies there called "Air Nauru" and a decade ago it went out of business so the island was isolated for a time, but Taiwan helped to aid them in getting a new airline running called "Our Airline".

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