The Pitcairn Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, and are a British Overseas Territory. The Pitcairn Islands consist of 4 islands: Pitcairn, Ducie, Henderson, and Oeno. The islands comprise of a total of 18 square miles, and Pitcairn, which is the largest of the four islands, is the only one that is inhabited. There are a total of 56 people on the islands, estimated by the last census in 2013.

The island's residents are descendants from the mutiny aboard the ship Bounty, which occurred in 1790. In 1808, the American trading ship, the Topaz, was the first to visit the island since the mutiny. The islands became a British colony in 1838, and the population peaked in 1937, at 233 residents, although since then, many have moved to New Zealand.

The Pitcairn Islands have the smallest known democracy of any country in the world. The island's main industry is tourism, although they also participate in some other activities such as selling coins and stamps as well as a few handicrafts.

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