An overseas region of France, Martinique is an island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with numerous mountain regions and forests. With black sand beaches in the north, one of Martinique's most famous distinguishing mountains is the Mount Pelee volcano, which contrasts with the southern white sand of Les Salines.

With an economy heavily independent on trade, Martinique's small sector and agriculture only account for a small percentile of the overall GDP. Euros are used as the currency of choice. Tourism is also an important part of Martinique's economy, with the southern beach regions garnering most of the attention. This is due to the slight difficulty of transportation throughout the characteristically mountainous regions in the north. In addition, the island does suffer from a trade deficit, due to a smaller agricultural sector.

Since Martinique is a part of France, the official language is French, and it is part of the European Union. However, many of the locals speak a type of Antillean Creole as well.

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