The Caribbean country of Aruba, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located off the coast of Venezuela. The entire country is 21 miles long. It is renowned for it's summer-like weather year round and is a popular tourist destination for travelers worldwide. Located outside of the hurricane zone in the Caribbean, the climate is one of the main reasons Aruba boasts the highest GDP per capita of the surrounding islands.

Known for it's white sandy beaches on the western and southern coasts of the islands, the remaining parts feature some rolling hills but in general, the island is quite flat. The capital city of Aruba is Oranjestad.

The population descended from the Arawak Aboriginals of the island and is currently approximately 80% Amerindian - or Black/White/Caribbean with 20% of the population from other countries and ethnic backgrounds. There has been substantial immigration in the last decade, possibly from the higher paying jobs offered, causing new immigration laws to pass restricting foreign workers to a maximum of three years.

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