Antigua is the country with the largest size, most development, and strongest economy of the Leeward Islands. The Leeward Islands in the West Indies (Caribbean region) are a group of tropical marine climate islands that experience some slight levels of seasonal temperature variation.

Antigua shares this area's climate and geographic features. Some of the features of this area's climate include high, rocky coasts that are peppered with bays which make great harbors, coral islands, volcanic activity, and a relatively flat surface when compared to the central mountain ranges found on other Caribbean islands.

Due to it's history of trade and development with colonial European powers, modern Antigua has a well developed tourism industry. Online gambling, internet education, and a couple medical schools are also major economic attractions for the country. It markets itself to tourists as a luxury vacation destination in the Caribbean and offers an airport used by major airlines and plenty of coastal resorts and hotels for visitors to enjoy.

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