The Republic of Cuba is an island nation located in the Caribbean. It lies 217 kilometers west of Mexico. The country consists of one main island, Cuba, and several smaller islands. This island covers an area of about 109,884 square kilometers. The capital of Cuba is Havana. Cuba has a planned economy that is largely state-controlled. Production and the labor force are mostly employed by the state. They rank 90th in GDP per capita, at about $18,796. The national currency is the Peso. They are still sanctioned from trade with the U.S., which hurts their economy a bit.

Cuba is a socialist state, one of the last of its kind, a communist government, left in the entire world. They have a President, First Vice President and a President of the National Assembly. Their judicial system is run by the The People's Supreme Court. Cuba is home to approximately 11,167,400 people as of 2012. Recognized as Cubans, their official language is Spanish, though there are multiple dialects within Spanish that they also use. The majority of the people in this region recognize themselves as Christians.

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