.mq Domain Name
.mq Domain Name

.mq domain

.MQ is the country code for Martinique.

  .mq Domain registration time frame is 2 Days.
.mq Domain Requirements

Are Individual .mq domain registrations allowed?

Company or legal entities registrations allowed for .mq?

Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for .mq?

Does .mq domain have a special use?

Other information I need to know about .mq?

Are there any additional fees for .mq?

Do I need a trademark/brand name to register .mq?

WHOIS Privacy service available?

Trustee / Proxy service offered? Fees?

.mq Domain Description

Martinique is a Caribbean island that has approximately 386,000 residents. If you have a desire to expand your horizons into a Caribbean market; Martinique may be an option for you. It is easy to reach this area by registering a country code of .MQ (which will help local residents find your brand). This island may seem insignificant, based on its size and population amount, but in reality, this country is a great place to begin your international expansion - so register a .MQ domain extension today.

.mq Domain FAQs
?What is the registration term allowed for .mq domain names?
The minimum term for .mq cpr144449003101 domain names is 1 year(s).
?How long does it take to register my .mq domain name?
The domain registration time frame for .mq during general availability is 2 Days. .mq is not cpr144449003101 expected to launch until 2 Days. Once launched, a registration time frame will be available.
?What are the characters and valid character lengths for .mq domain names?
Domain Names must:
  • have minimum of 4 and a maximum of 63 characters;
  • begin with a letter or a number and end with a letter or a number;
  • use the English character set and may contain letters (i.e., a-z, A-Z),numbers (i.e. 0-9) and dashes (-) or a combination of these;
  • neither begin with, nor cpr144449003101 end with a dash;
  • not contain a dash in the third and fourth positions (e.g. www.ab- -cd.mq); and
  • not include a space (e.g. www.ab cd.mq).
?Trustee Service for .mq

Trustee Service helps you satisfy most local presence requirements when there are restrictions on registering a domain name.


Trustee service is not available for this extension

?How do I host my .mq domain name?
101domain.com offers hosting and email service for .mq. You can order hosting, email service and SSL certificates at checkout or you can contact sales.cpr144449003101
?Can I transfer out my domain if I’m using your Trustee Service?
Trustee service is non-transferable. If you are using our Trustee Service, you cpr144449003101 must update ownership according to .mq requirements before transfer out can be started.
?Can I hide my registration information (Private WHOIS)?
No. At present the .mq domain zone does not provide means to hide the information cpr144449003101 of the domain owner. All information (name, address, email, etc.) will be displayed in WHOIS.
?Grace period for .mq domain name?
Grace periods vary for country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) including Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). Some registries require renewal up to 60 days in advance of the domain name expiration date. It is your responsibility to pay for your Renewal Fees in advance of the due date specified by 101domain regardless of the domain name expiration date. Failure to pay your Renewal Fees prior to the cpr144449003101 due date will result in a fee of $150 to renew your .mq domain. There may be a restore period between when the domain expires and when the domain can be registered again. In the event that you do not pay by the renewal date, your site may be inaccessible during this time so it is very important that you renew this extension before the renewal date.
?Who is the registry that manages .mq domain names?
You may visit them here: DOMeNIC.cpr144449003101
?.mq Domains Dispute & Policy

Special conditions of registration and renewal of domain names


These are agreements between

  • Mediaserv society, SAS with a capital of 1 000 000 €, registered at the RCS of Pointe-a-Pitre as No. 351 555 792, whose headquarters is located SecID Tower, 6th Floor, Place Renovation of, 97110 Pointe-à-Pitre. The Director of the Site is Mr. Ehsan Emami as manager.
  • And any person or entity, private or professional, whether privately or public law, wishing to make the registration, renewal or transfer Domain Name, hereinafter "the Client".

Mediaserv informs the Customer that the domain names are assigned for use in the eligible party who is the first to file an application with the Unit Registration, as technically correct manner and in accordance with present and their annexes, priority criterion commonly called "principle first come, first served ". The registration shall be valid only after paying the required fees, except offers Special promotional.

In case of conflict between these policies and conditions general, special conditions prevail.

In case of contradiction between these Special Conditions and Annexes, Annexes prevail.


Mediaserv is authorized to issue on behalf of its clients domain names and proceed with their renewal.

The Client has the opportunity to conduct the registration of domain names available, according to current offers.

SECTION 2: PROCEDURES FOR REGISTRATION OF A DOMAIN NAME Any reservation request implies acceptance and subject to prior administrative and technical rules governing the naming domain name sought and acceptance, where available, the rules of conflict resolution can arise between the owner of the domain name and any third party claiming rights on all or part of the name. The naming rules are, if any, specified in Annex.
2.1 The Customer Service carries out its detailed entry on the site: www.domenic.com.
2.2 It provides the opportunity for all elements likely to make registering the domain name requested.

The Customer will therefore provide the name and full address of the person in whose name which the domain name is registered (the Holder), the name and contact complete the administrative contact (administrative contact), the billing contact (Billing contact) and the technical contact (technical contact), as well as its full name, address, phone number and information about the individual or legal person responsible for the technical operation of the domain name.

It will also provide the primary server IP addresses and possibly secondary, for the chosen domain name.

The intelligence of the entire form determines the admissibility of the registration procedure.

Any information the incomplete form will result in the failure to register.

Customer claims to have received a mandate to all persons whom he discloses coordinates, not only for recording and communicating the name and coordinates, but their collection and publication on the Internet.

2.3 Mediaserv is only subject to an obligation of means.

The indication Mediaserv by the availability of the domain name on its website www.dom-enic.com is indicative only. It is the same for confirmation booking by e-mail when registration formalities completed and Regulation enregistré. Seule validation Mediaserv after verification and actual registration by the registry or by the supervisory authority will be worth recording. This validation is done 2 maximum working days after confirmation, unless special difficulty that it reads for information notified to the Customer by email or on the site.

Mediaserv is in no way responsible for any data contained in the Whois database or any database equivalent, or their updates.

2.4 If an element of the reservation request should be an addition, a accuracy or modification, Mediaserv notify her by e-mail query, to which the Customer agrees to respond within a maximum of 2 days working.

During this period the domain name selected is not subject to a reservation as provisional, and is not subject to any prior art. However, if the domain name is subject to a reservation for this response time, inform the Mediaserv Customer who will make a new choice of available domain name.

Assuming Mediaserv would not be able to provide the service ordered by the customer due to a failure of the customer regardless of the nature (Provision of documentary evidence, correction of erroneous information ...), Mediaserv reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the customer.

2.5 The Client declares that the information sent to Mediaserv as sincere and accurate and the waiver of any checks on this point.

Mediaserv reserves the right at any time to suspend the domain name which contact him appear as fanciful.

2.6 Renewal

In the absence of full payment for the renewal before it expires, Mediaserv not effect the renewal desired by the Client. The Client receive an e-mail notification service stop at the anniversary date thereof.

Mediaserv may undertake erasure service from D + 7 days depending on anniversary date of renewal, the Customer will receive an email notification to inform them of the cancellation of the service.


These are valid for the duration of chosen name registration area, including duration of a possible renewal of the domain name, notwithstanding the causes of termination set forth below without limitation.

In addition to cases in general terms, Mediaserv reserves the right to terminate this Agreement if:

3.1 of providing false information when registering or renewing domain name, 3.2 for non-compliance with rules prescribed by ICANN or by a supervisory authority, including those listed in the Annex, which is binding on the parties,
3.3 of non-payment of amounts due in respect of the registration or renewal of the domain name,
3.4 of breach of public order, laws and customs in force.
4.1 The provision of false personal information, including an attempt to get a domain name on an almost anonymous, is prohibited and will ipso facto termination of account and or related domain names.
4.2 The Customer shall bear the full consequences of any kind they are, including monetary sanctions, in case he has not received the mandate persons who shall send the names and contact details for registration of a name domain.
4.3 Mediaserv will endeavor to ensure within a reasonable time updating information under its control.
4.4 Similarly, the Customer assumes full responsibility for the data reported and Mediaserv ensures that the person in whose name the domain name is registered has expressly or impliedly authorized to do so. Mediaserv can be held responsible for all cases where the mandate entered into between the Owner and the Customer is not valid, the agreement with only a relative effect, limited to contracting parties.

Therefore, the invalidity of office will operate transfer law of any liability to the Customer exclusively.

4.5 The Customer will remain the same responsible for all acts and events related to name registered domain, if a license would be granted to a third party. It therefore belongs to the Customer to operate itself any useful check on the use of domain name under the rules of both ICANN's authority or supervision, and contract rules enacted by Mediaserv.
4.6 The Customer shall, if necessary, to comply with the court procedure of dispute resolution applicable to the disputed domain.
5.1 Assignment

The transfer of the domain name by the Customer to a third party shall bind Mediaserv the following conditions: - the receipt by Mediaserv of notification of assignment by letter with notification of receipt,

  • Regulation of transfer fees for change of Licensee to Mediaserv by either party,
  • The possible signing of transfer documents from the registry and respect the transfer procedure specific field.
5.2 cpr144449003101 License

The license, however, even exclusively, in no case enforceable against Mediaserv, even when it is notified.

Accordingly, in the latter case, the domain name registrant remains the privileged interlocutor of Mediaserv and solely responsible with respect to Mediaserv acts and uses made in respect of the use and operation said domain name.


It is the Customer, prior to any reservation, to make any verification suitable thing to do.

In particular, it will take care not to infringe:

  • A distinctive front, whether a trademark right or a right related to a name, sign or trade name, an appellation of origin or geographical indication,
  • A right of personality,
  • Or a copyright.

In general, the Customer shall be aware that the domain name:

  • Does not affect public order, or laws and customs in force,
  • Is not defamatory or racist,
  • Is not likely to be regarded as speculative or abusive.

Mediaserv, for information, accurate to the Customer, hereby, that no researched prior to the registration of a domain name, can Train under the sole responsibility of Customer, infringement actions and / ordéloyale. MEDIASERV competition also informs the customer that certain names, for example geographical concepts and / or geopolitical, or likely to prejudice public order, may not be appointed.


Any third party claim justified by a court judgment, including summary proceedings, or by a determination resulting from the application of mediation or arbitration of names area, will be supported in full by the Customer.

Under these procedures, the Customer may, without notice, be deprived of domain name registered in case of transfer of the domain name in favor of third have lodged appeals. The domain name at issue may also be suspended during the procedure and to its outcome.

If, on the occasion, Mediaserv was questioned, the customer would report free Mediaserv for all costs incurred by this procedure, whatever the cause and consequences, and whatever nature, that is to say a procedure or proceeding to mediation or arbitration.

Include the costs included in the financial obligations relating to technical interventions, the costs of the proceedings and the fees auxiliaries of Justice.

The same rules apply to requests from registries, ICANN or regulators.


The request to delete data by Customer will always termination of these, since it must be worth erasing data Records requested by the regulatory authorities and managing databases inline.

Indeed, the data required for the online publication databases managing domain names are considered public. The Customer can not therefore object to its publication, except to seek termination concomitantly of these contractual provisions.

In any event, the Customer has at any time a right of access to data concerning him for verification of registration data Conserved Mediaserv.


Mediaserv agrees not to transmit the data it has in the single purpose of ensuring the implementation of the service.

10.1 forced cancellation or transfer

Any court judgment enforceable served Mediaserv and any award duly notified to arbitration taking Mediaserv transfer or cancellation of the name domain registered by the Customer will be executed in the state and on the field by Mediaserv without prior notice to Customer.

10.2 Transferring or voluntary cancellation

Any voluntary transfer of domain name registration change of Unit can be done under the conditions of field. Transfer to Mediaserv be effective upon confirmation of the transfer by the registry.

The transfer from Mediaserv will be used from the request made before expiration, the Customer's behalf by the new Recording Unit chosen under reserves no proceedings pending, or non-contentious, between the Client and Mediaserv, or if using a third party, and subject to conditions transfer domain specific.

The non-renewal of a domain name expired date will amount to a cancellation

Domain Name and will, upon the date and time of cancellation, the domain name canceled or not renewed, available.

The Customer shall not mean any transfer of a domain name subject to a recourse.

10.3 Financial Conditions

Any transfer, the transfer or cancellation of the domain, whatever the cause, not result in any refund of amounts collected by Mediaserv, except to demonstrate effective responsibility.

10.4 Bankruptcy

If the Customer is subject to liquidation proceedings, has suspended business activities, development reorganization or other similar procedure, during the registration period of the domain name, the designated representative may request the transfer of assets to the purchaser Holder's domain name in along with submission of appropriate documentation.


According to the Consumer Code, in Article L. 121-20-2 "the right withdrawal may be exercised (...) for contracts to supply goods made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized (...) ".

Customer acknowledges that the registration of a domain name with Mediaserv is, because the choice made by the Customer on the radical and the extension selected, the provision of such a well customized to the meaning of Article précité.Dès then the customer is expressly informed that he can not, under these provisions, exercising his right to withdraw the registration of the domain name controlled.

Nor can this right be exercised by the Customer on renewal of recording.


The rules laid down by ICANN, the supervisory authorities and registers relating to domain names, apply law to these contractual relationships.

Similarly, any change in conditions binding Mediaserv with the registry, ICANN regulators or apply law, immediately and without prior information of the Customer expressly agree that these amendments are to be to Mediaserv.


Mediaserv and Registry reserve the right to the domain name of the Customer Waiting for the resolution of a dispute.

Mediaserv and Registry reserve the right to suspend or cancel the name of Customer's domain if it uses the domain name to send the unsolicited commercial advertisements in contradiction to the laws applicable to the policy or Acceptable Use usual Internet, or if the Client uses its domain name for illegal activity.

Renew Domain for .mq

Is your .mq domain registered with 101domain?

Renewing your .mq domain is easy if you are already registered with 101domain. You can renew your Martinique domain name at the current rates, and you can extend the life of your domain. Please check with us regarding renewal proceedures for ccTLDs.

Login To Renew Your Domain
Starting at 229.99 USD / yr
?Is your .mq domain not registered with 101domain?

No Problem! You can transfer your .mq domain name to 101domain before renewing. The process is fast and easy, and you can enjoy the benefit of using our domain management system to manage not only your .mq domain name, but all of your domains in one cpr144449003101 place. Use our convenient domain transfer tool to transfer your .mq domain and other domains today.

?Is your Martinique .mq domain protected with auto renewing domain names?

Auto Renew helps protect you from losing your Martinique .mq domain name registration. If your .mq domain name registration is set to Auto Renew, your account will be automatically charged approximately sixty (60) to ninety (90) days prior to cpr144449003101 the end of your term period. If Auto Renew is not set up in your account, you will need to renew your Martinique .mq domain name registration through Account Manager.

?How to renew a Martinique .mq domain name?

Login in your Account. Select your Martinique .mq Domain name and push the button "Renew". You can also select "Auto Renew". The current Domain Renew will be displayed. Please select "Change Auto Renew Settings" and set this on Auto Renew.

Make sure your credit card information is current. Please note Only Account Holders/Primary Contacts cpr144449003101 and Account Administrative Contacts on the account can purchase or renew services for your .mq domain name. Account Technical Contacts on the account cannot purchase or renew services.

?Is there a redemption period for Martinique .mq domain names?

Redemption period lasts 30 days after grace period. You can renew your .mq domain cpr144449003101 for an additional .

Transfer Domain for .mq

You can transfer your .mq domain name to 101domain before renewing. The process is fast and easy, and you can enjoy the benefit of using our domain management system to manage not only your .mq domain name, but all of your domains in one place.

Starting at 199.99 USD / yr
?How does the transfer process work?

Your current registrar will provide you with an authorization code (sometimes called a "Transfer Key" or an "EPP Key").

Using this key we can transfer your domain to us. Once the transfer process has begun the Administrative or Registrant contact of your domain will receive an email from us requesting authorization for the transfer. cpr144449003101 Once authorization has been given it will take up to 5 days before the domain transfer has been completed. Please be sure that you can receive emails for the Administrative and Registrant contacts for this domain!

NOTE: Some registries do not participate in the authorization code process or transfers may be manual. If your domain does not have an auth code for transfer, please contact us and we will assist you in the transfer process. 101domain can assist with all transfers no matter what extension you have.

?What is an Authorization Code?

An authorization code is a number that is used to transfer domain names cpr144449003101 between registrars. It is used to ensure that you are the current domain holder.

?How do I find my Authorization Code?

You will need to get this code from your current registrar. Go to the website cpr144449003101 of the company that currently holds your domain and request the authorization code from them.

?Transfer IN my Martinique .mq Domain

Martinique .mq Transfer in – allows you to change from your current domain registrar to a different one; usually during the transfer process one year is added to the domain`s registration period; EPP authorization key (obtainable from the leaving registrar) is required for transferring Martinique .mq domain names.

Be sure your Domain Transfer lock cpr144449003101 is disabled to transfer your Martinique .mq domain to 101domain Inc.

With Domain Transfer Lock, prevent unauthorized domain transfers by locking your Martinique .mq domain. With Domain Transfer Lock turned on you can still perform legal name changes, account consolidation or transfers between accounts.

?Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars

This Policy was modified by ICANN’s Board of Directors on 7 November 2008 with an Effective Date of 15 March 2009. See modified version of Policy.

A .mq domain must also have been registered for more than 60 days before you are allowed to transfer registrars. If, however, your domain happens to be involved in a legal dispute or if you are facing bankruptcy then the transfer of a domain name will not take effect.

  1. Ensure a valid email address for the administrative contact (admin) of your .mq domain name in the Whois database. Both registrars use this email address to send you important information about the transfer. If it is invalid, contact your current registrar to update it.
  2. Unlock your .mq cpr144449003101 domain name at your current registrar.
  3. Get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) from your current .registrar, if required. Some domain name extensions, primarily country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs), do not require an authorization code.
  4. Authorize the transfer for .mq Domain Name

Your .mq domain transfer of your domain name generally takes at least ten working days to complete - this can be shorter or longer depending on the registrar you choose. The cost of transfer will also vary depending on the registrar. Some registrars may be more willing than others to work out a package deal for you. For example, they might offer to provide you with free domain transfer service if you agree to register your domain with them for a period of more than a year. Again, the deal you score will depend on the registrar and on the amount of time you put into finding a package that is most suited to your needs.