Montserrat is a country located in the Caribbean, inside the Leeward Islands. These islands are part of a chain known as the Lesser Antilles, in the West Indies. This country covers an area of 102 square kilometers, making it the 219th biggest country in the world. Its historical capital is named Plymouth. The budget of Montserrat is mostly supplied by the British Government. After Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989, the economy of the country practically halted. They have been trying to rebuild ever since.

Montserrat is known as a British Oversea Territory. Their Monarch is Queen Elizabeth II. They also have a Governor, Adrian Davis, and a Premier, Donaldson Romeo. They have been under British control since 1632. Montserrat speaks the official language of English. It is home to many ethnic groups, including West Africans and Creoles. Due to how small it is, Montserrat has one of the smallest populations, with approximately 5,165 people as of 2012. Their population ranks 233rd in the world, but their population density, 44 people per square kilometer, is the 153rd largest amount in the world.

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