The Commonwealth of Dominica, an island nation, is located in the Caribbean Sea, in the Lesser Antilles region. This country covers an area of about 750 square kilometers, making it the 184th largest country in the world. Dominica is mostly covered by rainforest. The economy of Dominica is very reliant on the agriculture and tourism industries. Even still, they have one of the lowest per capita GDP in the entire Eastern Caribbean states. One third of the labor force works in agriculture, with bananas being the main product.

Dominica is in the Commonwealth of Nations and run a parliamentary democracy. The executive power lies with the cabinet, while the president is head of state. Their parliament has a 30 member House of Assembly. Dominicans commonly speak their official language, English. 82% of the population is considered black, while 80% of the population practices the Roman Catholic religion. There are approximately 72,293 people who call this country home, as of 2014. Their population density is moderately high, at 102 people per square kilometer, ranking it 95th largest in the world.

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