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Founded in 1923 after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a Eurasian country bordering the Aegean, Black, and Mediterranean Sea's. Due to its location between the East and West it is in a unique position and has strong connections with both sides and is a member of both NATO and the G20.

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Turkey is a Eurasian country located near Western Asia and is bordered by eight other countries. The government of Turkey is a democratic one and it was established in 1923 after the demise of the Ottoman Empire. They also hold close ties politically to Western countries as they are part of organizations such as NATO and the G20 industrial nations. However, they also have connections to Eastern countries in the Middle East and newly formed Turkish republics.

Turkey holds a unique and powerful strategic position as they are between Western and Eastern countries, thereby being a mix of the two regions. The dimensions of Turkey are approximately 1,600 kilometers long and 800 kilometers wide, almost forming a rectangular shape. It is also the 37th largest country while being bordered by three seas: the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. There are many mountains in the Eastern part of Turkey while also containing several rivers such as the Euphrates, Tigris, and Aras rivers.