Jordan's official name is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It currently has just over six million citizens. There was a big boost of Iraqis who came over during the recent Iraq war which caused a population jump. The official language is Modern Standard Arabic. The majority of the population is Muslim. Religion plays a very big part in their culture. They are considered a constitutional monarchy but King Abdullah II wields the majority of the power.

The economy has been slowly on the rise and has been classified as "Upper middle income". Still, though, thirteen percent of the population survives on less than three US dollars a day. Jordan has more free trade agreements than any other country in the Middle East. There are many phosphate mines in the country which make it one of the bigger exporters of phosphate in the world. There is also a lot of natural gas which supplies most of their energy needs. Jordan also sits on a huge quantity of oil shale, but it is very high in sulfur content. Trade and finance are the leading jobs in the country.

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