Qatar is a sovereign Arab state located in the Middle East. The country shares a lone land border with Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the country is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. The country of sand dunes experiences mild winters and hot, humid summers.

Qatar has been ruled under an absolute monarchy since the mid 19th century. Since 1992, Qatar has maintained close military ties with the United States.

Qatar has vast oil and natural gas resources, and as a result, has the world's highest GDP per capita. In 2009, Qatar was the fifth largest exporter to the United States. The workforce in Qatar consists of mostly expatriates from other Arab nations (20%), India (20%), Nepal (13%), Pakistan (7%), Sri Lanka (5%), Philippines (10%) and other countries (5%). Qatar plans to invest over $120 million in the energy sector over the next 10 years. The United States has invested between $60-70 billion in Qatar's energy.

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