.tel.tr domain

Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Turkey

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.tel.tr Domain

What is a .tel.tr domain?

.TR extensions are added to Turkish websites. .TEL.TR is designated for use with the telephone numbers that they use in Turkey.

How do I buy a .tel.tr domain?

Looking to buy a .tel.tr domain name? You've come to the right place! NIC TR, the registry authorized to operate the .tel.tr domain, has accredited 101domain to provide domain registration services for .tel.tr domains.

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  • 101domain is uniquely positioned to help guide you through the Turkish registration process.
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How do I transfer a .tel.tr domain?

Transferring your .tel.tr domain name is a fast and easy process. Get started by clicking "Transfer Now" below, and our Domain Specialists will help you navigate the process. Every .tel.tr domain transfer into 101domain includes an additional year(s) renewal, so you're not losing any time, just saving money and gaining the access to the largest portfolio of extensions in the business and 101domain's powerful domain management system.

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FAQs for .tel.tr

What is the registration term allowed for .tel.tr domain names?
The minimum term for .tel.tr cpr144449003101 domain names is 1 year(s).
How long does it take to register my .tel.tr domain name?
The domain registration time frame for .tel.tr cpr144449003101 during general availability is 3 Weeks.
What are the characters and valid character lengths for .tel.tr domain names?
Domain Names must:
  • have minimum of 2 and a maximum of 63 characters;
  • begin with a letter or a number and end with a letter or a number;
  • use the English character set and may contain letters (i.e., a-z, A-Z),numbers (i.e. 0-9) and dashes (-) or a combination of these;
  • neither begin with, nor cpr144449003101 end with a dash;
  • not contain a dash in the third and fourth positions (e.g. www.ab- -cd.tel.tr); and
  • not include a space (e.g. www.ab cd.tel.tr).
Trustee Service for .tel.tr

Trustee Service helps you satisfy most local presence requirements when there are restrictions on registering a domain name.


Trustee service is not available for this extension

How do I host my .tel.tr domain name?
101domain.com offers hosting and email service for .tel.tr. You can order hosting, email service and SSL certificates at checkout or you can contact sales.cpr144449003101
Can I transfer out my domain if Iā€™m using your Trustee Service?
Trustee service is non-transferable. If you are using our Trustee Service, you cpr144449003101 must update ownership according to .tel.tr requirements before transfer out can be started.
Can I hide my registration information (Private Registration)?
No. At present the .tel.tr domain zone does not provide means to hide the information cpr144449003101 of the domain owner. All information (name, address, email, etc.) will be displayed in WHOIS.
Grace period for .tel.tr domain name?
Grace periods vary for country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) including Internationalized Domain Names (IDN). Some registries require renewal up to 60 days in advance of the domain name expiration date. It is your responsibility to pay for your Renewal Fees in advance of the due date specified by 101domain regardless of the domain name expiration date. Failure to pay your Renewal Fees prior to the cpr144449003101 due date will result in a fee of $150 to renew your .tel.tr domain. There may be a restore period between when the domain expires and when the domain can be registered again. In the event that you do not pay by the renewal date, your site may be inaccessible during this time so it is very important that you renew this extension before the renewal date.
Who is the registry that manages .tel.tr domain names?
The Turkish domain name registry is operated by Middle East Technical University. The Turkish domain is administered by Nic.tr.

You may visit them here: Middle East Technical University.

.tel.tr Domains Dispute & Policy

The most recent source for .tel.tr domains dispute procedures can be found at: www.nic.tr/forms/eng/policies.pdf

18.It is required that the domain name allotted depending on the applicationdocument should comply with the title in formal registers ā€“ or the documentaccepted as the register ā€“ of the organizations that apply for a domain name.For the applications that do not comply with formal registers, even if thedomain name applied for is the abbreviation of the organization name, theobjections made by an organization which owns the register will be resolvedin favour of the register owner, and the applicant will be informed about thisduring the application. In the allotment of such domain names, which thirdpersons and organizations may have a right to object to, the domain nameallotted will be announced in the objection list at the NIC-tr web pages for aduration of 6 months to inform the public and to enable the objections. In thecase when there is no objection made, the domain name will become definiteand will be allotted to the applicant. Any objection that may raise eitherduring the 6-month objection list period or afterwards will be assessed andfinalized by the Dispute Resolution Mechanism.

19.The domain names that applied for based on trademark applicationdocuments are registered temporarily to the applicants untill the trademarkregistration process concluded. Those domains, which third parties have rightto object to, are to be announced to the public on the "Objection List" onNic.tr web pages for a duration of six month. Registration process is finalizedfor such domains after Nic.tr receives the trademark registration certificateunless there is an objection takes place within the six months period.

".tr" Domain Name Administration is entitled to terminate the usage of thedomain name without paying any refund if the trademark application isdeclined, the trademark registration certificate is not submitted to Nic.tr or anobjection is accepted valid by Dispute Resolution Mechanism. Nevertheless,the domain holder may be entitled to hold the domain regardless the result ofthe trademark application provided it has been used for at least 2 (two) yearsactively and no objection has taken place within this period.

23.The objection period to all kinds of domain names allotted is 6 months. Theobjections made after this period will be rejected by the ".tr" Domain NameAdministration unless the reason for the objection stems from anadministrative or technical mistake of the ".tr" Domain Name Administration,or depends on a court or Disagreement Solving Council conclusion.

26. ".tr" Domain Name Administration adheres to and implements the domainname allotment policies and disagreement solving decisions made by DNSWorking Group and Disagreement Solving Council.

32.Individuals and organizations possess the right to object to an allotted domainname both during the objection list period and afterwards. To do this, theconcerned individuals and/or organizations can apply to the DNS WorkingGroup and/or the Disagreement Solving Council to be formed.

33.The objections made in the period before the Disagreement Solving Council isestablished will be assessed and concluded by the DNS Working Group.


The following rules will be effective in case of disagreement that may arise amongindividuals and/or organizations about a domain name, or when more than oneindividual and/or organization claims the right to own a second level domain nameconnected to the ".tr" upper level domain name.

a) In order to enable the individuals and organizations receiving a domainname service to object to an operation carried out by the ".tr" DomainName Administration, or solve the disagreements between the individualsand organizations and the third parties, an independent disagreementsolving mechanism will be established. The objections will be taken anddealt with by this council.
b) ".tr" Domain Name Administration will not side with any of the concernedparties in the disagreements that may arise about a domain name. Allkinds of disagreements will be resolved between the right-claiming partyand the Disagreement Solving Council.
c) Concerning the domain name causing disagreement, ".tr" Domain NameAdministration will implement the decisions made by the DisagreementSolving Council.
d) An objection can be made by either an individual or an organization.
e) The objections are expressed in a file to be prepared in the way proposedand published by the DNS Working Group and/or Disagreement SolvingCouncil.
f) The contents of the objection file will be defined on the related WEBpages.
g) The establishment and working rules for the Disagreement Solving Councilwill be published later.
h) Except for the domain names "gen.tr" and "web.tr", in the cases when anobjection is made to the ".tr" Domain Name Administration, they candemand documents (such as commercial registration, trademarkregistration, personal identity, etc.) from an individual or organization towhom a domain name has been allotted to prove its relation with thedomain name.

Domain Requirements for .tel.tr

Are Individual .tel.tr domain registrations allowed? Yes
Company or legal entities registrations allowed for .tel.tr? Yes
Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for .tel.tr? Yes
Number-based domains related to phone numbers in Turkey only.
Are some .tel.tr domain names restricted? Yes
Violating rights to third parties, names and activities that are offensive or illegal are prohibited. See FAQs for complete restrictions.
Does .tel.tr domain have a special use? No
Other information I need to know about .tel.tr? Yes
Allocation is made on a "first come, first served" basis and "domain name individual / organization relation is not required" basis.
Are there any additional fees for .tel.tr? No
Do I need a trademark/brand name to register .tel.tr? No
Private Registration service available? No
Trustee / Proxy service offered? Fees? No

How do I renew a .tel.tr domain?

Renewing your domain name is simple! Just click "Renew Now" below, or log into your Account Manager, select your .tel.tr domain name that you would like to renew, select the term of your renewal, and check out. That's it!

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What are the available languages for .tel.tr?

The domain name supports multiple language formats. You can register your domain name in the following languages by just entering your domain search using the appropriate language character set in the search field:

  • Turkish