Oman is a country located in southwest Asia, bordering the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, as well as the Arabian Sea. Oman contains desert plains in the center, with mountain ranges and a coast in other areas. The capital, Muscat, is located in the north along with the mountain ranges.

While agriculture and fishing are traditional ways of life in Oman, the country also has some oil resources and large Natural gas reserves. Modernization has been a big factor in the development of the country's economy. In 2000, Oman joined the World Trade Organization.

Half of the population of Oman lives in the capital of Muscat as well as the land northwest of the capital. Others live in the southern region, with relatively small numbers living in remote areas. The country also contains almost one million expatriates from other countries, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Morocco. The country is also working hard to expand access to post secondary education options, with nine private colleges currently open.

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