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Venezuela, also called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is found in South America, and is home to 28,946,101 people (2011). Venezuela's economy is based mostly off of petroleum, which accounts for 80% of their exports. The government is a federal presidential constitutional republic, led by President Nicolis Maduro, with a National Assembly legislative branch.

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, more commonly known as just Venezuela, is located in South America. Off of South America's northern coast, this country takes up an area of 916,445 square kilometers, ranking them the 33rd largest country in the world. Its capital city is Caracas. Widely known for their petroleum industry, Venezuela uses a Market based, mixed economy. Petroleum accounts for about 80% of their exports. Their nominal GDP per capita is $13,634, as of 2013.

Venezuela's government is a federal presidential constitutional republic. Their current President is Nicolas Maduro, and their current Vice President is Jorge Arreaza. Their legislature is a National Assembly. They were formerly recognized as a country on March 30th, 1845. Venezuela has 28,946,101 people, as of 2011, who call it home, referred to as Venezuelans. Their population density is the 181st largest in the world, at 30.2 people per square mile as of 2011. Spanish is their official language. 92% of the people in this region practice the Roman Catholic religion.