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The country Chile is situated on the pacific coastal line of South America. Once Chile was occupied by the Incas and at the same time, central and south Chile was occupied by the indigenous Mapuche. After the 16th century, Spanish rules were introduced. Santiago which is the capital of Chile now. Chile is engaged in exporting fish, copper, wine and fruit. Chile is now considered to be one of the most powerful countries in South America.

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Chile is a country that is located on the Pacific coast line of South America which borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, and Argentina to the east. Chile is approximately 2,700 miles long and approximately 109 miles wide. Prior to the 16th century Chile was inhabited by the Incas while the indigenous Mapuche inhabited central and southern Chile. Spanish rule and influence was established after the 16th century.

Today, the Chilean population is around 18 million. Chile's capital of Santiago has a population of around 6 million. Chile's biggest exports include fruit, copper, fish, and wine. The government is a democracy which was established on September 18th, 1810. Chile is considered to be one of South America's most stable and prosperous countries and is recognized as a strong developing middle power. It is considered to be at the forefront in Latin America for human development, globalization, competitiveness, income per capita, economic freedom, and a peaceful democratic nation.