French Guiana, an overseas area of France, is on the northern Atlantic coast of South America. Brazil borders it to the east and south, and to the west is Suriname. This country covers an area of 83,534 square kilometers. This country is also home to a rainforest. French Guiana has a strong economy, ranked 27th in the world. Their economy largely relies on trade with their homeland, France. Fishing, gold mining and timber are their major traditional industries in this country.

The French Guianese government is the French government. France controls defense and external relations for this country. The French President will appoint a prefect to be the head of local government in the country. They also have two executive bodies, a general council and the regional council. The French Guianese demographics have a very diverse ethnic composition. 30.8% of the citizens were born outside of the country. About 250,100 people call this country home. It is very sparsely populated, with about 3 people per square kilometer.

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