As the second largest country in South America, Argentina is known for its rich culture and four distinct regions that are bordered by Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, and Uruguay. These four regions are: the Pampas region near the center of the country, Gran Chaco directly north, The famous Patagonia in the south, and the Andes mountain range to the west at the border of Chile. The Pampas region is known for its fertile soil, which contributes to much of the agricultural wealth of the country. Patagonia's oil fields also lends its share as well. These contribute to Argentina having the second highest GDP per capita in South America.

As the 31st largest economy in the world, Argentina also boasts some other notable achievements. It commands the highest development Index in South America, and claims various territories in waters nearby. Most notably, it claims a large (374,312 sq mi) portion of Antarctica as its own, where it has held a presence in since 1904.

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