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Paraguay is a country centrally located in South America, bordering Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. Asuncion is the nation's capital and largest city. The official languages are Spanish and Guarana, and the country has a population of around 6.3 million. Paraguay originally gained its independence from Spain in 1811. It was ruled by dictators until the Paraguayan War, which ended in 1870.

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Paraguay is located and South America, and bordered by Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. It is sometimes called the Corazon de America, or the Heart of America, due to being centrally located within the South American continent. The Paraguay River runs through the center of the country in a North to South direction. Eastern Paraguay, also called the Paran? region, has a terrain with grassy plains and wooded hills. Western Paraguay, also called the Chaco, consists of mostly low, marshy plains.

Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay, and also the largest city. Spanish and Guarana