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Company limited by shares

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R202, Block C1, Huitong Times Plaza
No. 71 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100025

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The mission and purpose of .SHOUJI Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) represents the Applicant, Qihoo 360 Technology Company Limited (360), its strategic and enduring effort in preserving Top-Level Domain resources for its existing and future businesses. 360 will also be filling three other gTLD... Read more

The mission and purpose of .SHOUJI Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) represents the Applicant, Qihoo 360 Technology Company Limited (360), its strategic and enduring effort in preserving Top-Level Domain resources for its existing and future businesses. 360 will also be filling three other gTLD strings in this application round, namely ".YUN", ".XIHUAN", and ".ANQUAN", in addition to the .SHOUJI string. These four applied-for strings are perfect representation of 360's ultimate business value and core competency to date and in foreseeable future. They are considered to be critically important to 360 as well as to over 400 million users that 360 serves.

Speficially, .SHOUJI TLD will be offering through existing 360 mobile application marketplace service, as identifier for limited number of ʺeligible registrants. The .SHOUJI will be based on a standard domain registry / registration bundled with available and applicable value-added servic. The role of eligible registrant will be further defined, and should include both 360 and non-360 users. For more information regarding 360 mobile application marketplace service please visit http://shouji.360.cn/pop/360box/index.php . Currently, the service is available in China mainland only with active monthly users above 2 Million and expected to reach 8 Million by the end of 2012. 360 plans to expand its service globally upon the launch of the .SHOUJI TLD registry service.

As a company operating in fast-changing competitive landscape in Chinese Internet marketplace, 360 believes in and strives for constant evolution and innovation in its consumer-facing web and mobile services. 360 plans to make every possible attempt to ensure its user reliability, recognition, reputation, and experience at the Internet Top-Level. Based on further research and findings in domestic and international marketplace, there could be other areas and goals that 360 may identify prior to or upon launching the TLD registry.

Qihoo 360 Technology Company Limited
We are the No. 3 Internet company in China as measured by user base, according to a report we commissioned from iResearch. In January 2011, we had over 400 million monthly active Internet users, representing a user penetration rate of 85.8% in China, according to iResearch. Recognizing security as a fundamental need of Internet and mobile users, we offer comprehensive high-quality Internet and mobile security products free of charge, providing users with secure access points to Internet activities. As a result, we have amassed a large and loyal user base, which we monetize primarily through offering online advertising and Internet value-added services.

We are also the No. 1 provider of Internet and mobile security products in China as measured by user base, according to iReseach. In January 2011, we had 328 million monthly active Internet security product users, representing a user penetration rate of 83.9% in China, according to iResearch.

Our core Internet and mobile security products include:
• 360 Safe Guard and 360 Anti-virus , the No. 1 and No. 2 Internet security products in China, with 301 million and 248 million monthly active users in January 2011, respectively, according to iResearch;
• 360 Mobile Safe , the No. 1 mobile security product in China, with a market share of 58.2% as measured by the number of active users in January 2011, according to iResearch.
Despite of global economic downturn, 360 continues to experience robust growth in all major areas throughout 2011 and particularly in the second half. As it maintains dominant market position in Chinaʹs Internet security industry, we continued to expand our market share in other key product areas. Our browsersʹ user penetration hit another record high of 59.5% at the end of 2011, compared to 41% at the end of 2010, further strengthening our leading market position. Total monthly active users of Qihoo 360ʹs products and services surpassed 400 million for the first time ever in our companyʹs history, a significant leap from 290 million at the end of 2010.

360 is a public-listed since March 2011 (NYSE: QIHU). Its latest corporate as well as financial information can be found at http://ir.360.cn/ .

As mentioned earlier, initially, all available second-level strings of .SHOUJI (e.g. example.SHOUJI) will be allocated only to eligible registrant for internal corporate business purposes. 360 plans to adopt this approach and expects to maintain it for up to 3 years (Initial Period) from the launch of the ".SHOUJI" registry service. Such approach will be regularly evaluated and adjusted if appropriate and necessary. Depending a various internal and external factors, including market demand and user expectation, 360 may consider a phased roll-out approach towards to the general public but will do so after the conclusion of the Initial Period. This approach shall help minimize potential technological, marketing and operational risks, and allow ample time for 360's management to evaluate best possible and long-term strategy of utilizing .SHOUJI TLD prominently.

360 has conducted some preliminary analysis of definition of eligible registrant and the potential use case options on the type of domain name that is permitted for registration and by whom. To the best of 360's knowledge as a registry operator, the eligible registrant may be:
-- a registered, verified, and paid 360 user;
-- a registered and verified 360 user with login activities at least once every a week, for at least a consecutive 3-month prior to the launch of the registry;
-- registered and verified non-360 user from competing or non-competing websites in China or elsewhere in which 360 has acquired necessary mechanism, including and not limited to contractual agreement, to offer services through best-possible commercial means;
-- an official or frequently-used name of the department or business unit within 360;
-- a category of service or product, event, campaign, or other marketing initiatives as carried out by 360 or its affiliates;
-- a member of Board, Staff, affiliated person, partner or collaborator;
other relevant entity, sub-group, or personnel to be further defined

The eligible registrant is authorized to be a user or administrator of a .SHOUJI second level domain. Subject to operational requirement and other business factors, the eligible registrant should be able to register one or multiple .SHOUJI domain names. Specific roles and responsibilities of a registrant will be defined prior to the launch of the .SHOUJI TLD. 360 will ensure that its registrants are provided with clear guidance on registration policy, and the registry services are offered in a safe and trusted environment.

All four strings that 360 applies, once approved and delegated, will be under the management of a single business unit to ensure business sustainability, policy consistency, and operational stability of each TLD. This is also to offer an orderly launch program for any particular applied-for TLD. At its best current thinking, 360 does not plan to launch more than 1 string at any 6-month period. This thinking, however, is subject to market condition and other internal and external factors.